can we take a moment


i’ve only had this account / blog since january 17th this is crazy for me

um since i’ve reached 1k and I think of this as like a marker I’m going to say a few quick thank you’s it’s not as quick as you think

Thank you to Mags (stagekisspers), Penelope (larrypleasex)Danielle (danifandom)Aastha (henryskreever), Lauren (imagi-e), Jackie (gloobear) for being extremely supportive, listening to what I had to say and being really nice friends. 

Thank you to the new people I’m talking to and becoming friends with, you guys should know who you are!

Thank you to Aci (acichia), who I went to when worrying if opening up a new account was a good idea or not. For being really nice, supportive and just good to talk to.

Massive thanks to Tara (boyfriendsandbandshirts), who has stuck with me through this. At first, it was just the two of us on our own, but Tara helped me with my updates to get them started, support me, listen to me, help me in many ways and Tara has really just been a good friend to me. 

I’d also like to thank everyone who checks up on my updates, my followers, everyone really. 

1k may not seem a lot to some of you, or it may seem like a ton to many of you. I’m just glad that one thousand people are able to actually like my blog, my interests and what I have to offer. It’s really lovely for me. 

I didn’t mean to make this dramatic or anything, but I did want to say thank  you, and thought this was a good opportunity.

So thank you!

  1. sanjileg said: LOVE YOU <3
  2. gloubear said: aww this is so sweet bby <3 congrats on 1k followers :)
  3. henryspooker said: omgomg wow!!! i’m so happy for you!
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    oohh Lauren, you are so lovely and so sweet and SO mature beyond your years. I can’t believe (though really am not at...
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    aww thanks lauren :)